Christian rally in Calgary. 

1:30. Early at the rally at City Hall. About 20 police to keep things sane. Band doing sound check. Some protesters gathered. A table handing out religious stuff.

2:00-ish. Preaching starts. I’ve seen a small group of white power christians in the crowd.

Protesters start chanting. Speakers are announced, including a rabbi.

There’s a few MAGA hats in the crowd. One of the cops was smarter than me and brought his own water.

Guy has a sign that says ‘Jesus said to turn the other cheek,not bend over and spread them’.

Only about 300 people here, about 70% protesters to 30% christians. Talked with a Make Canada White Again guy who should really invest time in toothpaste. Lots of singing thus far.

Speakers are being introduced and that christian rally just pumped up the volume on their speakers to drown out protesters.

Some Antifa with flags. A few xtian flags around. Lots of rainbow flags. Organizers handing out anti-muslim propaganda. And more preaching.

TV cameras showing up now. Good LGBT representation in the protest side of things. Chants of ‘We’re here,we’re queer’ in counter to the preaching.

1st speaker is an alderman from Airdrie. Was introduced as ‘brave’ to be able to serve as a christian openly in Canada. ??

Claims to hate intolerance. Had a ‘dear’ Muslim friend. One of the points of this rally is anti-muslim.

Protesters chanting ‘god is gay!’.

Oh! Next speaker is going to talk about our education system. Could be good. Any bets he’ll talk about how christian beliefs are persecuted in Canadian schools. Here’s the bullet points:
•GSA’S are bad because gays get special treatment
•christians are losing rights because others are getting equal rights
•christian children are no longer allowed to pray in school because trans kids
•rainbow flags are evil because the gay
•Jesus Jesus Jesus because Jesus
•Sodom and Gomorrah brought up
•ex-communist who marched in pride finds god because AIDS is a thing
•we don’t need a cure for AIDS, just find Jeebus and stop being gay
•Cuba,for some reason
•non-christians worship Lenin

Speakers done. More prayer and preaching to a bad soundtrack.

Praise by song. Jeebus is awesome song goes on and on. And on. And on.

Guy in a chibi Xena tee. (Unrelated but neat). Some people showed up in masks. Don’t see the need,but to each their own.

Jeebus is awesome song now reaching 10 minute point. Thanks to song I’ve learned to spell Jesus. And he’s some lord of something? They don’t specify what he’s lord of in this never-ending song.

15 minute point on the super Jeebus Jeebus Jeebus song. Seriously? I thought it was going to end,but,nope. This song could pass 20 minutes. And…
…it did. It actually did!

Bonus track: ‘We don’t hate gays. Or cross-sexuals.’

Bonus bonus track: ‘We’re not ISIS. We hate the sin,not the sinner.’

Bonus bonus bonus track: ‘I feed the gay. I feed the cross-sexuals. I feed the woman’s. I feed the black.’

Bonus bonus bonus bonus track: ‘We can talk. We’re all human. There’s no need for hate. Just accept Jeebus.’

Rally wrap-up. Guess what wraps it up?

3:30 I was wrong. 2 more speakers.

New speaker is in a USA tee. Giving props to the USA for invading other countries. ‘USA, USA!’ Pro-troops speech. Yay invaders! This guy is all over the map in his speech. Rambling everything the topics.

Next up,multi-failed Christian Heritage Party of Canada candidate Larry Heather. I guess he’s given up on his federal dreams. He’s gonna run for mayor. ‘Make Calgary Christian Again!’ seems to be his platform because Muslim mayor is Muslim.

There it is. This year’s Christian Persecution rally summed up. ‘We’re attacked because Jesus. We demand our privilege back. We love differences, as long as we’re on top of the social hierarchy. Giving others equal status under law is an attack on us,and thus,an attack on God/Jesus.’.

That’s it. Rally over. This is Pixie,reporting from the steps of City Hall. Over t you, Internet.


Author: pixiehuggles

As my title suggests, I'm an atheist in Alberta. The bible belt of Canada. That says a lot.

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