Changing my mind on the trans community and coming out atheist. 

I have to admit,I was transphobic for a long time. I thought it was twisted that someone would change gender. This was when I was still religious. I though it was a sin and God would punish me for being accepting of transgender people. Luckily I got to meet a friend who was male to female trans. When I met her, and she did go by feminine terms, we became instant and lifelong friends. It was so damn easy to accept her as she was.That wad over a decade ago. Just today, I watched for the umpteen timemail the episode of Bones titled “The He In The She”, where a pastor transioned.That just opened up my mind that pop culture is becoming more acceptable to the LGBT community. 

As for my atheism. The same show, Bones, brought me out as an atheist activist and David Silverman vocal. In an episode the character Bones,after a character was killed. In a scene she said “He was an atheist, like me.” That scene made me an activist, and very vocal. For months my boss wanted me to be quiet. Now she’s not quiet an activist, she’s come out as an atheist. 

If it’s safe for you to come out in any way do so. If you have to stay closeted do so. Know there’s a community out there that will embrace you. If you have to, create fake social media accounts and reach out to others. You don’t need to use your real name or friend family or friends. You’ll find friends who will be there for y’all. 

  • If you want to talk to people in person, look for meet up groups in your area. Know you’re loved. They’re are people out there for you. 

Author: pixiehuggles

As my title suggests, I'm an atheist in Alberta. The bible belt of Canada. That says a lot.

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