Being censored at work.

Most people at my job know I’m an outspoken atheist. Many like to get into conversations about why I am. A few are quiet atheists. Now I’m not allowed to talk about my atheism.

We just hired a few new employees. Some old employees had complaints about my being a vocal atheist. They also had complaints about my listening to atheist podcasts. While I was wearing headphones. And they couldn’t hear these podcasts. I’d only tell them what I was listening to IF they asked. That was enough to offend a few people.

Now I’m not even allowed to say I’m an atheist without the risk of  losing my job.

A few nights ago I was listening to Talk Nerdy, where host Cara Santa Maria was interviewing David Silverman about firebrand atheism. I consider myself a firebrand atheist. For good reason. If I’m the bitchy, outspoken atheist, getting people pissed off or at least thinking, then I’m doing my job. These people who I piss off have friends who are closet atheists. If their friends decide to come out to them,they’ll be like,”Hmm? My friend isn’t an ass about it, like my coworker is. Maybe some atheists aren’t bad people. ”

We need the loud and the quiet atheists out there. But we need ones like me. Uncensored, vocal,and willing to risk their jobs,family and friends. I’m up for it. I WON’T BE SILENT!  EVER !


Author: pixiehuggles

As my title suggests, I'm an atheist in Alberta. The bible belt of Canada. That says a lot.

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